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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Malegaon Pincode / Post Office Search (NASHIK, Maharashtra)

Aghar BK B.O 423201MalegaonMaharashtra
Aghar KH B.O 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Ambasan B.O 423204MalegaonMaharashtra
Astane B.O 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Chandanpuri B.O 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Chikhalohal B.O 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Chinchave Galane B.O 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Chinchgavan B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Chirai B.O 423204MalegaonMaharashtra
Dabhadi S.O 423201MalegaonMaharashtra
Dahiwal B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Deoghat B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Dhavaleshwar B.O 423201MalegaonMaharashtra
Dongrale B.O 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Erandgaon B.O 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
G.S.S.K. S.O 423202MalegaonMaharashtra
Galane B.O 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Girnare B.O 423110MalegaonMaharashtra
Jalgaon Galane B.O 423202MalegaonMaharashtra
Jalgaon Nimbayati B.O 423104MalegaonMaharashtra
Kalwadi B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Karanjgavan B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Kashti B.O 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Kaulana B.O 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Kaulana B.O 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Khadki B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Khakurdi B.O 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Khayde B.O 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Kukane B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Kumbharde B.O 423110MalegaonMaharashtra
Lakhamapur S.O 423213MalegaonMaharashtra
Malegaon Camp S.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Malegaon City S.O 423203MalegaonMaharashtra
Malegaon H.O 423203MalegaonMaharashtra
Malgaon B.O 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Mehune B.O 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Mungse B.O 423201MalegaonMaharashtra
Nampur S.O 423204MalegaonMaharashtra
Nandgaon B.O 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Nimbayati B.O 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Nimgaon S.O 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Padalde B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Palasdare B.O 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Patne B.O 423201MalegaonMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon B.O 423202MalegaonMaharashtra
Pohane B.O 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Rajmane B.O 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Ravalgaon S.O 423108MalegaonMaharashtra
Ronzane B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Sakuri B.O 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Saundana S.O 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Savkarwadi B.O 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Sayne BK B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Sherul B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Shirsondi B.O 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Sonaj B.O 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Soygaon B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Takali B.O 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Talwade B.O 423108MalegaonMaharashtra
Tehare B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Tembhe B.O 423204MalegaonMaharashtra
Tingri B.O 423205MalegaonMaharashtra
Tisgaon B.O 423110MalegaonMaharashtra
Tokade B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Umrana S.O 423110MalegaonMaharashtra
Vadel B.O 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Vadgaon B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Vadner Malegaon S.O 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Vajirkheda B.O 423105MalegaonMaharashtra
Valwade B.O 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Vaygaon B.O 423108MalegaonMaharashtra
Virane B.O 423206MalegaonMaharashtra
Yesgaon B.O 423212MalegaonMaharashtra
Zadi B.O 423208MalegaonMaharashtra
Zodga S.O 423205MalegaonMaharashtra